Frame Pivot Bearing Kit | Specialized Status | 2020 Onwards

Frame Pivot Bearing Kit | Specialized Status | 2020 Onwards

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This listing is for a full set of Frame Pivot Bearings only (14 Bearings Supplied). No other hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers will be supplied.
Any pictures indicated in this listing is for reference to the year/design of frame in question.
Please click into this product and read the full description for further informaton about the bearings provided.

IMPORTANT: This listing is for a full set of Frame Pivot Bearings only. No other hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers will be supplied.

Any pictures indicated in this listing is for reference to the year/design of frame in question.

Bearing Specification
Configuration: MAX Complement (Fully loaded with ball bearings - no cage/retainer present)
Material: 100CR6 Chrome Steel for balls and races
Grease: Mobil XHP222 or Sinopec HTHS (High Specification Water Resistant Grease)
Seal: 2RS (2 Rubber Seals, 1 each side)
Precision: ABEC-3 

Max Complement (Also known as Full Complement)
At Kinetic we only supply Max Complement bearings for frame suspension pivots.  Max type bearings can take a much higher load as they have 40% more balls than standard wheel bearings.  A Frame Pivot Bearing experiences only a minor degree of movement concentrated in a small area, thus strength across the axis of load is of the utmost importance. To achieve this, the races are fully loaded with balls to ensure that the load passes through actual balls and not gaps.

If a supplier selling frame pivot bearings fails to mention they supply MAX complement, it's very probable they are bearings that contain retainers and therefore cannot withstand higher loads often experienced in suspension frames.  These can fail prematurely.  Non-MAX bearings are usually cheaper too.

Note, standard wheel bearings have a metal or nylon retainer with gaps in between, which is perfect for wheels/BB's where full rotation occurs.

Grease & Seals
The bearings (Kinetic's own and also Enduro) will be filled with the correct volume of high-performance water resistant marine grease to prolong the life of your bearing.  The seals are usually 2 high quality rubber seals, which is where the 2RS is derived from. 

Precision Rating
The precision quality of bearings are rated by the ABEC scale.  The ABEC rating for bearings commences at ABEC 1 which is seen in most bearing applications for bicycles supplied from the factory.  Higher end bearings for bikes are usually ABEC 3.  Kinetic in almost every case supplies ABEC 3 rated bearings.  Suppliers that do not mention the ABEC rating, it could be safe to assume are supplying inferior/cheap/unrated or low rated bearings. 

You can be rest assured that our bearings are of fantastic quality and produced specifically for bicycle application.  We supply 100's of bicycle trade customers directly as our bearings are the same as many bearings fitted to bikes at factory level (Original Equipment).  We buy from suppliers that also produce and supply to many highly regarded premium bicycle brands.

Our Kits – Points to consider
The bearings supplied will usually be ALL our own 'Kinetic Bearings', although occasionally contain a mixture of our own and Enduro Bearings.  This is due to some custom bearings used on frames which only Enduro produce. There will ultimately be an option within the listing to purchase a full set of Enduro Bearings.

It costs slightly less to buy a full kit than to purchse the separate bearings.

If you do not need a full set of bearings and know what codes you need as you may only be changing main pivot bearings for instance, then you can order separate bearings as necessary.  Alternatively trade customers can consider stocking our frame pivot bearing workshop boxes which covers main part numbers.

Ordering a bearing kit in advance of working on your frame has it's advantages in that it saves time and/or hassle.  Quite often, you might need to strip the frame down to access the bearings to discover what you need. The bike remains in bits whilst waiting for your fresh new bearings.

Knowing what model year you have
It's sometimes difficult selecting the correct year bearing kit.  To help in this regard, we have supplied an image where possible.  If not, you can try a Google image search by Manufacturer, Model and Year of frame. You can then consider if the matches look the same or very similar.

If you still not 100% sure, and you have made an educated guess, please be assured that as long as you return the bearings to us within 14 days in the same new condition supplied to you, then we will exchange or refund as necessary.

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