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Headset Bearing Kit: to fit Giant Overdrive2 (OD2) Mountain Bike

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2 x Bearings (Upper & Lower) to fit Giant Overdrive2 Headset (OD2) for a Mountain Bike

Headset Bearing Kit: 2 x Bearings (Upper & Lower) to fit Giant Overdrive2 (OD2) Mountain Bike

Note, this kit consists of 2 bearings only. Any picture of a complete headset included is for reference to headset the 2 x bearings fit.

Upper Bearing Dimensions: 32.8 x 41.8 x 6mm (chamfers 45/45 degrees)

Lower Bearing Dimensions: 40 x 51.8 x 8mm (chamfers 36/45 degrees)

Note, if either the upper or lower bearing is out of stock then it will only display the option available. For instance it may only be possible to order just the upper or just the lower. You can order just the upper or lower separately also.

If you unsure whether you need Overdrive or Overdrive 2 then here's some guidance to help you determine:
- Go to Giant UK Website
- Scroll to bottom of homepage and select 'Bike Archive'
- Search for bike model, i.e. 'defy'
- Find your year and model of bike and select it, then click the 'specification'
- for the Fork part of the specification it should say whether it's Overdrive or Overdrive 2, but note not always.
- Note, the bearings are different between Road and Mountain Bike (MTB), so make sure you select this option correctly too.
- Alternatively, remove your bearings and measure them and compare against dimensions provided.

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