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  • Big Air!
    12/Jul/2019 11:44
  • For those interested.... some crazy loons tackling LEJOG off-road.. see the link to live tracking
    24/Jun/2019 10:05
    21/Jun/2019 14:02
  • return unused for refund you say?!?!?
    03/Jun/2019 09:10
  • Tubeless Valves Delivery Today - due to popular demand we stocking Brass Valves again and also longer Aluminium Valves (60mm). Available as pairs with a core remover tool, and also larger volume trade packs (only on the Trade site to Bike trade) - see the Spares section of the web site. These Valves are supplied from same Factory as the market leader, so rest assured these are top notch valves without the premium price.
    21/May/2019 11:57
  • New Stickers Day! :-)
    17/Apr/2019 14:15
  • ATTENTION TRADE CUSTOMERS... We clearing out our VERY LARGE Compartment Boxes (38.5cm square) at same price as our normal workshop box... are you a high quantity bearing user or want some larger boxes to store other consumables? Note 2nd image of 2 boxes together is showing our normal workshop box (in black) next to these larger versions available while stocks last.
    11/Feb/2019 16:51
  • Brilliant!
    30/Nov/2018 16:20
  • 14/Nov/2018 10:57
  • Frame Bearing Extraction and Installation Tool Delivery today. Individual tools as well as full kits back in stock Trade Customers here:
    06/Nov/2018 16:49
  • 01/Oct/2018 14:51
  • 11/Sep/2018 11:20
  • Specialized Fit Future Shock Headset Bearings now in stock (for Roubaix, Diverge, Ruby) RETAIL: TRADE:
    21/Aug/2018 10:53
  • Good to see happy customers :-)
    15/Aug/2018 15:11
  • 09/Aug/2018 10:23
  • Now, Let me begin by saying we do like to think we go out of our way and do our best to help customers out, and I would like to think many of you have experienced this.... However, we've had a funny old week this week, culminating in some bearings being returned for refund today. A customer ordered a Frame Pivot Bearing kit, which we supply correctly in a timely manner with free postage. The customer gets in touch (at the weekend) saying a couple of the bearing parts are not correct and we supplied wrong bearings. We head to office to check our exploded drawings, to discover what we supplied is correct and the customer in fact has ordered wrong model year bearings. These things do happen, it's a pain to rectify, but we usually suck it up for the sake of good customer service. We do accept returns as you would expect, but only if the bearings are unused. We receive bearings back today with 'installation' marks and grease - see worst 2 attached. Customers swears they unused and thats how he received them and demanding refund. Sorry, but we do not supply bearings like that. Oh happy days!
    31/Jul/2018 14:39
  • 23/Jul/2018 11:46
  • Frame Bearing Tools back in stock
    07/May/2018 15:03
  • 16/Apr/2018 15:35
  • Some good advice from Setchfield Cycles
    07/Apr/2018 11:34
  • 27/Mar/2018 17:44
  • So, we had a first for us this morning... Our Frame Bearing Kits have a pic of the frame they fit for reference... Part Ref says 'FRAME PIVOT BEARING KIT: and that this listing is for a full set of Frame Pivot Bearings only' ... just to be doubley sure, we state 'Any pictures indicated in this listing is for reference to the year/design of frame in question.' that they fit.... so you can imagine our surprise, when we got a threat of being sued and see you in court if we did not return money, as they thought they had bought 2 top end full suspension frames for £70 which would normally retail at about £5000 for both (and not bearings from a bicycle bearing company). We have of course refunded them, but really???? lol.
    27/Feb/2018 12:58
  • 20/Feb/2018 16:18
  • 20/Feb/2018 16:15
  • 2nd day at The Bike Place trade show complete - another fantastic day - great to speak with so many existing and new customers.
    15/Jan/2018 16:54